Welcome to Hayes Towing Electronics!

Welcome to Hayes Towing Electronics! If you’re in need of quality electric trailer brake controllers, you’ve come to the right place!

The first Hayes trailer brake controller was invented by The Kelsey Hayes Company in Detroit Michigan in the 1950’s. These original trailer brake controllers were hydraulic over electric and required a direct tie in to the tow vehicle’s air or hydraulic braking system. In the 1970’s the technology moved to the proportional electronic brake controller with Hayes again leading the way.

Today’s trailer brake controllers have evolved into safer and smarter systems to adapt to today’s towing needs. The company has built a 60-year legacy of making sure when dealers recommend Hayes products, that they can do so with confidence. All of the company’s electronic controller models all have the ‘quik-connect®’ feature to make installation on the tow vehicle easy and practically error-free, plus it eliminates the need to ‘hard-wire’ the brake control to the tow vehicle. Hayes controllers have an exclusive four-wire connector that when used with a vehicle-specific wiring harness enables the brake controller to essentially be plugged in and ready to go.

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