Hayes Brake Controller Company is a leading manufacturer of Trailer Brake Controls for the RV aftermarket industries. Throughout our 60 year history, Hayes has positioned itself at the forefront of “safety” in trailer braking. Hayes Brake Controller Company continues its commitment to providing safer trailer braking, and now leads the way for increased environmentally conscious support to the RV and trailer-towing industry.

Environmental problems such as global warming have become a significant universal topic. It is critical for nations, individuals, corporations, and industries to strive to find a solution to these problems. We should all do our part to make our environment safer for the next generations.

One big way to help clean up the environment is the elimination of lead in electronic components/products. Hayes initiated, in April 1, 2008, a project to investigate, evaluate, qualify and implement the removal of lead on all its electronic products, thereby eliminating this environmentally harmful material on all electronic brake controllers by the end of August 2010.

The Products Affected By This Transition To Lead Free Are:

  • Syncronizer
  • Engage
  • Energize III
  • Energize XPC
  • Endeavor
  • Genesis
  • G2

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