5 Critical Safety Tips For Your Next RV Outing

Many people like to take their RVs out for a trip now and then. If you’re planning a longer trip, however, there are some important safety checks you should do before you head out. From generators to electric brakes for trailer safety, every part of your RV and anything you may be towing will need to be looked over. Here are a few ways to keep your next RV adventure safe.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Ensure that your carbon monoxide detector is installed and functioning correctly. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas which can make you very sick and even kill you. If you start feeling unwell and are not sure why, make sure to take a break and get outside the RV for a while just in case.

Fire/Smoke Detectors

Fire/smoke detectors are absolutely critical to have, especially in a relatively small and enclosed environment like an RV. Battery-operated smoke detectors are available in most hardware stores.


When setting up your trailer, make sure that between 12 and 15% of the trailer’s weight is resting on the vehicle’s tow hitch. Electric brakes for trailer safety are sometimes easy to overlook, but they’re some of the most critical road safety equipment you can have.


Generator exhaust leaks are a common cause of CO(2) incidents, so it’s a good idea to inspect the generator each time before use. Don’t sleep with the generator running and always leave the roof vent open while it is, even if you’re traveling during the winter.

Keep Exhaust Away

Make sure that exhaust vents and dissipates away from the RV as much as possible. Try to avoid parking in places that can trap exhaust or prevent it from spreading out, such as tall grasses, snowbanks, buildings, walls, and fences.

The Bottom Line

There are many things that need to be looked into when it comes to traveling safely in an RV. Electric brakes for trailer safety on the road, ensuring that the proper alarms are installed and working correctly, and making sure that generators and other exhaust are properly vented are just a few of the larger items on the list. Take the time before each trip to inspect your RV and you should have no trouble having an enjoyable trip, wherever it takes you.

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