5 Easy RV Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your RV is crucial so you will not have to worry about your camper breaking down when you are planning a fun vacation. No matter what type of RV you have, whether it is a motorized mobile home or a towable, RVs require routine maintenance to function properly.

So follow these tips to prevent headaches down the road.

1. Don’t forget the generator
Many RV owners forget that their camper runs on a generator that needs routine maintenance. Failure to change the oil and the filter on the generator can cause thousands in repairs, so checking the owner’s manual is crucial. Make sure to run the generator occasionally while the camper is being stored, because if you don’t, a chemical buildup can ruin your carburetor.

2. Oil changes
Just like cars, campers need oil changes in order to run efficiently and without any problems. If left undone, it can cause your engine to seize up and become clogged. A good rule of thumb is to change the oil every 3,000 to 4,000 miles, but make sure to check the owner’s manual for your specific vehicle.

3. Replacing the filters
Don’t let the fuel, air, coolant, and hydraulics sit and collect dust. If you don’t change the filters regularly, you are throwing money down the drain over increased fuel usage. You may even have to deal with overheating issues and oxidation within the heating system. All of these are incredibly expensive issues to repair.

4. Invest in sway control
A sway control hitch will help give you a smoother ride while providing a simultaneous braking mechanism if it detects a small amount of sway. These trailer brake controllers are able to distribute the RV’s weight, which is recommended if your trailer weighs more than 50% of your vehicle’s weight. But most importantly, keeping your brakes maintained is important for not only your safety, but everyone else on the road.

5. Take care of your battery
If you do not plan on using your RV during the winter, take it out of your camper and store it in a warm place. Doing so will prevent them from breaking and allow them to last for about three to five years.

Just keep these repairs in mind, and you will have a quality RV that will be able to bring you to any of the 16,000 campgrounds across the United States! Spend less time in the repair shop and more time on the open road.

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