5 Towable RV Must-Haves

If you’re thinking about buying a towable RV, you’re in good company. Accordinate to estimates, nearly 30 million people are crazy about RVing in general. And owning a towable RV can be less expensive than purchasing a decked-out motorhome. Nevertheless, you still need to think about purchasing add-ons like RV locks and electric brake controllers for trailers to protect your family and your investment.

What accessories are must-haves for any RV enthusiast with a towable? Start with the following suggestions that will deliver peace of mind and, in the case of electric brake controllers for trailers, a smoother ride!

RV Locks

Limiting access to your towable is critical, whether you’re en route to or at your favorite campsite. Installing RV locks will help you ensure that only individuals with a key can get into your wheeled home-away-from-home. If you bought your towable preowned, you should always change the locks, anyway. Even if the person who sold it to you claimed not to keep a key, opt on the side of caution and update the locks.

Electric Brake Controllers

Adding electric brake controllers for trailers to your cab will help with controlling trailer sway and avoiding accidents. The best brake controllers offer seamless installation and consistent performance. Not sure which electronic brake controllers for trailers to consider? Read through brake controller reviews online. Hear what others have said about their experiences and make your ultimate decision after considering several electric brake controllers for trailers with towables.

Camper Bike Racks

Are you planning to bring bicycles on most of your RV adventures? Invest in bike racks specifically meant to attach to towables. Otherwise, you might end up compromising towing safety. Besides, who wants a bike bouncing around inside the towable or poorly secured on the outside of the trailer? Bike racks may cost several hundred dollars, but they pay off by offering you tremendous flexibility to confidently take your bikes wherever you go.

Spare Tire Carrier

Why waste space on your hitch carrying a spare tire for your fifth wheel towable motorhome? Carriers don’t cost much, and they allow you to use your hitch in other ways, such as adding more accessories. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use your spare tire. But if you do, you’ll be able to quickly find it on the carrier.

Security System

You’ve chosen the right electric brake controllers for trailers like yours. You’ve even read manuals on how to tow safely. As a final way to ward against problems, think about a security system for your towable. Security systems don’t have to be complicated or pricey to work. Simple ones activated by sound or light can be exactly what you need to keep would-be prowlers at bay. Save yourself the anxiety and expense of a break-in by upping the security level with a few gadgets. You may even find ones you can control by your phone, turning your towable into a “smarter” RV.

Ready to hit the road for RV journeys you’ll remember forever? Take a few precautionary measures first. Then, get behind the wheel and let the road guide you to amazing fun.

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