5 Trailer Towing Tips For Winter Driving

Towing a trailer is extremely dangerous if you aren’t careful. And those dangers are amplified over the winter. Snowy and icy roads mixed with large trucks and heavy hauls is a very dangerous combination. If you’re towing a trailer of any kind throughout the winter, you need to drive as safe as possible — here’s how to do it:

  1. Get your truck and trailer inspected — Before any long winter road trip, make sure that your trailer is up to date on all its maintenance checks. Your truck needs to be functioning properly, as well.
  2. Utilize a trailer sway control hitch — There are two types of trailer sway devices: those that reduce sway once it has begun and those that work to prevent sway altogether. Trailer sway prevention hitches can enable you to drive long distances safely, without your trailer swaying in those strong winter gusts.
  3. Equip your truck and trailer with snow tires — Trailer sway is dangerous, but even the most effective trailer sway control hitch can’t avoid roadway incidents if the roads are too slick. That’s where snow tires come in, enabling you to remain in control of your vehicle — and trailer — throughout inclement weather. If you have to suddenly brake or completely stop in the snow, these tires will help you gain traction and avoid serious accidents.
  4. Always have an emergency kit on hand — Whether you’re driving a small sedan to the local grocery store or a large truck across the country, you should always have an emergency kit in your vehicle during the winter. Have plenty of extra warm clothes, First-aid materials, ice scrapers, tire traction mats, and some food and water just in case you get stuck out on the roads.
  5. Drive slow — This one is obvious but it’s extremely important. You need to drive slow at all times over the winter. Even if you’re in a rush, slow it down because your safety is much more important.

Make sure you’re driving as safe as possible this winter, whether you’re towing a trailer or not. If you want to learn more about trailer sway prevention, however, and are in need of a quality trailer sway control hitch, give Hayes Towing Electronics a call right away.

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