A Few Quick Things RV Beginners Should Know

There are over 30 million RV enthusiasts, and if you ask any of them, they will tell you that using RVs is one of the best ways to travel because it allows you to relax and see parts of the country at your leisure. Whether you’re a family that is choosing to spend your summer exploring, or you tend to camp every weekend, becoming familiar with an RV is crucial to ensure that there will be no headaches on the road during your trip.

But while many full-time RV enthusiasts know every little thing about their vehicle, everyone has to start somewhere. So if you’re considering buying or renting an RV this summer, here is everything beginners need to know about RVs.

There are two types

Motorhomes: these are the large campers that are driven just like a car. They include a bathroom, bedrooms, a kitchen facility, and a couch.

Towables (sometimes called fifth wheels): these are towed behind the family car, van, or pickup truck and include a television, a place for a bed, and a storage space, depending on the size you choose.

Should you buy or rent?

This depends on too many factors to give you a clear answer, so take time to consider a few factors before you invest.

To buy: buying an RV would be the right idea if you plan on using the camper regularly or are approaching retirement. If you take a lot of trips, or plan to, then it may be time to buy the RV of your dreams. Also consider whether you are able to provide storage at your home when it is not in use.

To rent: renting is a great way to save money if you plan to only use the camper for a trip or two. Renting can also be a great option for those who want to test the waters of the RV lifestyle before taking the plunge and buying one (hint: the RV lifestyle is right for everyone).

Get to know your RV

It is important for any RV user to fully comprehend how a camper works before you get in the vehicle. This includes understanding the technical aspects, like the type of brake controllers that come with the RV, and if sway control is a problem.

What is an electric brake controller?
A brake controller is a device installed in the cab of your tow vehicle that activities your trailer’s electric brakes when you hit the brakes in your tow vehicle. Basically, it ensures the trailer stops when you stop driving.

What is trailer sway control?
Sway control steadies your vehicle and eliminates the sway it may have on the road while driving. There are two basic types of trailer sway devices, one to reduce sway once it happens, and another to prevent swaying from happening.

RV beginners have a lot in store for them, as traveling in an RV is a great way to explore the outdoors. Just keep these quick tips in mind, and you will have nothing to worry about on your next trip!

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