Be Careful On the Ice: 3 Tips For Safe Towing In Slippery Conditions

Driving any kind of vehicle over the winter is already much more dangerous than any other time of the year. Towing a vehicle on icy roads, however, is extremely dangerous. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that there are over 50,000 accidents every year as a result of towing.

Truck drivers towing any kind of haul on icy roads need to be extremely careful to avoid dangerous, potentially fatal, auto accidents on the roads.

Here are some great tips for safely towing all kinds of trailers on icy roadways:

  • Utilize trailer sway control devices — When it comes to trailer sway devices, there are two basic types that work in two separate ways. First, there are devices that work to reduce the trailer sway once it has already begun. Second, there are devices that work to prevent sway altogether from ever occurring. These devices are essential for drivers who regularly tow trailers and other types of haul behind their trucks.
  • Install snow chains — Traction is extremely important when it comes to trailer sway control on the ice. In order to give yourself some much-needed additional traction on the ice, you need chains on all tires. Not just on your truck either, you need to install snow chains on all the trailer’s tires, as well.
  • Drive slowly and carefully — Even if you have somewhere you and your trailer need to be at a certain time, you’re much better off arriving a little late than sliding off the road and potentially harming yourself or your load. You have to be smart while towing a trailer on icy roads. If you drive fast, aren’t paying attention, or fail to adhere to the general rules of the road, you will slide, lose control of your vehicle, and could cause serious harm to yourself and other drivers. It sounds obvious enough but it cannot be overstated: when towing a trailer, you must drive as safe as possible — especially over the winter.

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