Ensure Your Trip Goes Off With a Hitch

Here’s the scenario, the weather is perfect, you prepare your camping gear and load everything you need in your trailer. You can’t wait to get out on the open road. You have the entire trip planned to the smallest detail. You set off for a fantastic camping adventure with the family. As you drive, your trailer begins to sway. It turns out you may have forgotten the most important detail of all!

Don’t Sway from the Basics

An unstable trailer can bring your plans to a standstill. Sway control and the best brake controller money can buy is necessary for anything hitched to your family car, van or pickup. There are two main categories of RVs, or motorhomes, which are motorized and towable. These recreational vehicles are generally used for camping, as well as temporary living accommodations. Should you own a towable, having the best brake controller is vital. Trailer sway can cause a dangerous situation, not only for you but for others traveling on the road. A likely cause of sway can be an insufficient hitch. Fishtailing also occurs if you are driving too fast. These issues can be alleviated by purchasing the right products, such as the best brake controllers you can afford, to ensure that your camping excursion is successful, safe, and worry-free.

Stop Sway with Quality Products

Because the trailer is so much taller than the vehicle pulling it, a travel trailer carries a much higher profile than a flat-utility trailer. This makes a travel trailer susceptible to crosswinds or larger vehicles passing from behind. Another cause for sway is misalignment or low pressure on your trailer’s tires. Tires out of alignment can cause the front of the trailer to move back and forth. Weight ratio is another circumstance that affects the stability of your trailer. If a trailer is improperly loaded, it can pull on the rear of the vehicle that is towing it. The front of the towing vehicle can then become lifted and unstable. Good weight distribution is also important, although the best trailer brake controllers are adept at fixing trailer sway, even if the weight distribution isn’t perfect.

The Best Brake Controllers Provide Peace of Mind

When sway occurs, it happens in the back portion of the tow vehicle and front portion of the trailer. Wind hitting your trailer will naturally take your car or truck along with it. The best brake controllers counter this with friction. These devices help keep the hinge in place with the use of bars alongside. A hitch also adds a lot of weight and is an important investment. Creating an optimum connection between the vehicle and trailer is imperative to reducing and/or completely eliminating sway. A high-quality electronic sway control system can aid in correcting sway, with or without weight distribution. These devices, in essence, monitor a trailer’s movement and can calculate braking to correct movement. The best trailer brake controllers are easy and quick to install, and can really improve the overall performance of your camper.

A summer camping trip should be carefree and enjoyable. Buying the right products for your towable will eliminate travel stress. You can focus on the rustic atmosphere, breathtaking scenery and memories with loved ones. Your trip shouldn’t be spent worried about the equipment you use. The investment of sturdy, long-lasting products will ensure your trips go off with a sway control hitch!

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