How Do I Find the Best Brake Controller for My Purpose?

A towing brake controller is an essential safety component. According to the NHTSA, there are over 50,000 towing accidents every year. Taking the time to choose a brake controller that won’t fail you is important, but finding a top-quality brake controller can be challenging if you’re uncertain about what to look for. Many manufacturers claim to have the best brake controller, which makes it harder to choose the right option. You can take a few simple steps to ensure you choose the best brake controller for your application.

1. Choose a Trusted Brand

One of the best ways to ensure you get the value and reliability you need from a brake controller is to choose a controller from a trusted brand. Trusted brands are recognizable brands with a strong reputation for selling quality controllers that deliver performance as promised.

Choosing a brake controller from a trusted brand will ensure you get a high-quality brake controller that you can depend on. Compare different brands by reading online reviews and weighing your options. You can also speak with one of our representatives to get your questions answered!

2. Consider the Features

Once you’ve narrowed the options by choosing a brand that gets high marks in online reviews, the next thing to consider is the features. Look at brake controllers that have the features that you want. Keep in mind that this is not an area where you want to compromise. Choose brake controllers with the right features for your application; then, you can move on to the next step.

3. Compare Cost vs. Value

This step is where some people take the wrong turn. Choosing a brake controller based on cost alone can be tempting, but that’s not the best way to find the best brake controller. Instead of comparing costs only, compare value.

Some value-added features you should consider when evaluating cost include the warranty period and what reviewers say about performance. It’s far better to pay a little more for a brake controller that provides more value for your buck than paying less and having problems.

You will run into many suppliers on your quest for the best brake controller. It’s best to shop with a trusted supplier committed to providing world-class customer service. You’ll find the best brake control from a trusted supplier. Find yours today by contacting Hayes Towing Electronics today! Hayes Towing Electronics Products are Proudly Made in the U.S.A. and In-Stock!

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