How Does an RV Sway Control System Work?

Recreational vehicles are part of the American culture, and according to statistics from a reputable industry body, there are roughly 16,000 public and privately owned RV campgrounds countrywide. Thus, RVers can freely roam the country’s roads during weekends or even take months-long trips. A sway control system is a must-have for any RV hitting the road, but what is it?

What Is an RV Sway Control System?

Recreational vehicles tend to sway from side to side on the road. This sway is typically caused by the wind vortices created by the RV as it cuts through the air or the vehicle instability as the driver maneuvers it on curvy roads at high speeds. It can also be caused by gusts of wind emitted by passing semi-trucks or an imbalanced load on the RV trailer. The swaying can make the driving experience exhausting as it forces the driver to constantly steer adjustments to keep the RV on the road.

What Does the Sway Control System Do?

The RV sway control system is meant to reduce or eliminate the swaying of the vehicle. This makes the driving experience much easier and safer. The sway control system comprises a weight distribution apparatus and sway control bars.

How Does It Work?

A weight distribution apparatus distributes part of the trailer’s weight from the back to the tow vehicle to the front. This apparatus is a must-have if the weight of your travel trailer is 50% or more than that of your tow vehicle or the tow vehicle slumps backward when it’s pulling the travel trailer. On the other hand, there are dual sway control bars, which are typical for large trailers. It utilizes hooks on either side of the trailer to prevent sway; the hooks unlock when the vehicle makes a turn.

There are also friction sway control bars that rely on friction to prevent the travel trailer from swaying. Although these are the most affordable option, they have the disadvantage of interfering with the turning ability of the trailer. Lastly, there is electronic tow control that utilizes electronic monitors to detect swaying of the trailer and applies brake pulses to the wheels to keep it straight.

It’s critical that you install the right sway control system to your RV to enjoy traveling and stay safe on the road. Avoid picking a cheap sway control system that can easily fail under challenging conditions. Reach out to us today if you are interested in learning more about the RV sway control system.

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