How Weight Distribution Systems Are Correcting Trailer Sway

Being a responsible driver not only means taking care of yourself but also taking care of others on the road. An unsteady, swaying trailer is a dangerous element on the road, and it’s responsible for countless accidents involving motorists and pedestrians.

However, one of the most efficient ways to avoid a swaying trailer on the road is by using an efficient weight distribution system. Let’s explain how the weight distribution system is the best solution to correcting trailer sway.

Why Do You Need a Weight Distribution System?

There are plenty of reasons why you need a weight distribution system on your trailer. For instance, if your trailer weight is more than half of your truck, according to, you need a weight distribution system.

Faulty weight distribution in your trailer might be the lead cause of the swaying. If there’s more equipment on one side of the trailer, you need a weight distribution system specially made for correcting trailer sway.

Improve Safety and Towing

Correcting trailer sway is mandatory, not only for the danger it presents on the road but for the passenger and the driver of the trailer. If a vehicle and its trailer are swaying, the first thing a driver should do is take their truck to a safer place far from any pedestrians or vehicles.

A professional weight distribution system will not only avoid a swaying trailer but will also keep the car steady, even when another vehicle is towing it.

Efficient Braking

Most swaying incidents occur when a vehicle and its trailer have faulty or damaged brakes. Before hitting the road, it’s crucial to check the condition of the brakes and the trailer braking system, as they tell if they are safe to drive.

One of the best ways to ensure roadway safety is by replacing the old and tired brakes with brand new ones. Most second-hand trailers come with a defective braking system, which needs a replacement and a new weight distribution system as soon as it finds a new owner.

A weight distribution system is an essential part of your vehicle and trailer, as it ensures the safety of you and others on the road. Avoid swaying and drive relax by having the best weight distribution system on the market. Contact us today!

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