The 2 Best Brake Controllers For Your Trailer

According to the National Highway Transportation Administration, 50,000 accidents are related to towing every year. Having the best brake controller for your trailer will help reduce this from happening. Here are the two best brake controllers for your trailer.

Time-Delayed Brake Controller

If you don’t spend a significant amount of time towing while on the road, this trailer brake controller will be ideal for you. Time-delayed brake controllers are the most affordable and the easiest to install and use. You set the power of the brakes depending on your towing weight. That amount of pressure is applied when you hit the brakes. You can set the time delay of when this pressure is applied by using the sync switch on the trailer air brake controller.

Shortening or lengthening the delay on these time-delayed brake controllers does have some implications. If you set the sync at a high or low frequency, it can cause the brakes to wear unevenly. To avoid any strain, you need to be careful to set it at its optimal braking performance level.

Proportional Brake Controller

Proportional trailer brake controls ensure a balance for even brake wear. An accelerometer determines the tow’s idleness. A pressure matching the momentum of your vehicle is applied whenever you activate your brakes. The pendulum circuit inside this electric brake controller makes the trailer and the vehicle stop at the same time. This makes it the best brake controller for all types of drivers.

Trailer Brake Control Factors

When choosing the trailer brake system that’s right for you, there are a few factors to keep in mind. You’ll need to consider the tow’s weight and how often you’ll be towing. If your towing is typically light, you may want to opt for time-delayed brakes. If your towing is heavier and frequent, proportional brake controls may be the better option.

You’ll also have to take the ease of installation into account. Time-delayed brakes can be installed at any angle while proportional brakes have a more restrictive angle of installation. Time-delayed brakes are also cheaper than proportional brakes.

Whether you’re buying a new trailer or you have an existing one already, selecting the best brake controller is critical for staying safe on the road. The trailer brake solution you should choose depends on how much time you’ll spend towing. If you need help selecting the best brake controller for you, contact our professionals at Hayes Towing Electronics.

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