Trailer Towing and The Importance of Air Brake Controllers

The weather is finally starting to get nice and people across the country are getting ready for long road trips, camping excursions, and are moving to new locations. Whether you’re moving to a new home or going camping for a weekend, these kinds of trips typically involve towing a trailer. Unfortunately, though the roadways are already dangerous, trailer towing often amplifies the risks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are over 50,000 accidents every year related to towing.

Drivers need to pay attention while towing, focus on trailer sway control, and — most importantly — drive carefully. But even doing all that isn’t always enough to prevent serious roadway incidents. That’s where air brake controllers come into play. These devices can help ensure that the trailer and the towing vehicle’s brakes are compatible and functioning properly.

Here are some quality electric brake controllers for trailers:

  • Genesis — Automatically levels with road incline and decline for increased accuracy; contains boosting features for towing loads of all shapes and sizes; compatible with two, four, six, or eight electric brakes.
  • G2 Brake Boss — Liquid crystal display showing a digital reading for various modes and braking power; easy to use manual activation level enabling full power to trailer brakes; contains all functional capability of the Genesis controller and additional features.
  • Air Actuated Controller — Offers smooth and proportional braking to towing vehicles with air brake system; automatic or manual operation of the trailer’s electric brakes; compatible with two, four, six, or eight brakes.

Here are some inertia and proportional brake controllers:

  • Energize III — Offers faster and smoother proportional braking performance with additional power and control; automatic and manual braking options; compatible with two, four, or six electric brakes.
  • Endeavor — Equipped with a digital display showing power percentage, voltage, or current; for use with electric and electric over hydraulic braking systems; compatible with two, four, six, or eight electric brakes.

And here are some time-based air brake controllers:

  • Syncronizer — Great for light-duty trailers; equipped with automatic current limiter protection from trailer brake wiring shorts; compatible with two or four electric brakes.
  • Engage — Adjustable buttons for voltage power ramp-up time settings; digital display system showing percent of power, voltage, or current; compatible with two, four, or six brakes.
  • Blackbird — Digital display screen showing braking power percentage; small footprint just 3 inches wide and 3.75 inches long; compatible with two, four, or six brakes.

Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re towing — make sure you’re driving and braking safely! If you want to learn more about trailer sway control or find high-quality air brake controllers, contact Hayes Towing Electronics right away.

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