Understanding the Importance of the Controlling Trailer Sway

For anyone who has hauled a trailer, trailer sway is inevitable. Trailer sway incidents that happen among noncommercial drivers often go unnoticed. If you are a trailer owner who hauls cargo, mobile homes, or supplies for recreational travel, you want stability for transport. Trailer sway devices are manufactured as either a device that prevents sway altogether or devices that reduce sway once it has started. Let’s delve further into controlling trailer sway and the importance of controlling sway for your business and transportation needs.

What Causes a Trailer To Sway Side to Side?

When it comes to controlling trailer sway, you may be at the mercy of other forces. Trailer sway can come from drafts that other passing semi-trucks create. Trailer sway can also come from utilizing an incorrect braking technique and common crosswinds while traveling on a road or a highway. Although there are more innovative techniques being used to manufacture trailers, controlling trailer sway can still be an issue.

Does Too Much Tongue Weight Cause Trailer Sway?

Generally, controlling trailer sway with less than 10% tongue weight, can be hard to do. Trailer sway is likely to happen, especially if the trailer is traveling at a high rate of speed. Additionally, if there is too much tongue weight, then most of the load is on the front end of your trailer.

Excessive tongue weight could overload the trailer’s rear tires of the towing vehicle. This would then result in the rear end being pushed around. When this takes place, the vehicle is now difficult to maneuver. Curves and corners are difficult to negotiate and your vehicle may not be responsive enough to brake efficiently and effectively.

What Can I Do to Decrease My Trailer Sway?

When you are looking at controlling trailer sway, there are things that you can do. The first is ensuring that your tires have the correct air pressure. Secondly, you may consider installing a type of friction sway controlling device. They can help reduce the effects of wind gusts and sharp turning in the trailer. Another thing that can be done in controlling trailer sway is to try to watch the weather and if you can, avoid windy days for trailer driving.

Quality Brake Controllers and Anti Sway Products

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