Understanding Weight Distribution for Towing Safety

There are several instances where you may need to procure towing services or offer them if you operate a business in the vehicle towing industry. Nonetheless, many have had their fair share of challenges in this industry, especially regarding towing safety. As a towing company, you must ensure your client’s load is safe, and as a client, you should be sure your car is secure in transit. The best way to effortlessly achieve this is by understanding weight distribution for optimum towing safety. This is the information you’ll be gathering from the points below.

Heavy Items at the Front

One of the critical mistakes many people don’t understand during the towing process is ignoring the essence of properly placing the items on the trailer. The load’s position matters a lot in its stability and the tow’s success. It’s recommended to place heavier and more oversized items in the trailer’s front with the lighter and smaller ones in the back. This is one of the best ways to achieve towing safety.

Know the Trailer’s Weight

Some companies disregard knowing the trailer’s weight as one of the basic towing safety precautions. Calculating and grasping the trailer’s weight helps determine the maximum load it can carry. Overloading a towing truck can result in accidents and severe property damage. The best way to get an accurate trailer weight is by disconnecting it from the tow vehicle while still on the scale. Your figure must be equal to or lower than the trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). According to statistics, about 12 to 15% of the trailer’s weight should rest on the tow vehicle’s hitch.

Get the Weight of the Tongue

A tow trailer’s tongue refers to the protruding part that rests on the hitch ball. The weight you calculate at this juncture will show how much pressure the tongue exerts on the hitch ball. Too much pressure on the hitch ball can adversely affect the general towing safety measures. You can get the tongue weight by subtracting the axle weight from the total trailer weight. Alternatively, you can use a bathroom scale for smaller and lighter trailers.

Know How Much Your Load Weighs

To be safe, ensure you know how much the load weighs. Using a truck tow vehicle to transport a lorry may severely affect the entire journey’s safety.

The demand for towing services has ballooned, but you must ensure you work with the best provider, especially one who understands everything about weight distribution for maximum safety. Feel free to contact us today for great towing equipment to stay safe on the road.

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