What Are the Best Types of Brake Controllers?

If you own an RV, then a brake controller is one piece of safety equipment you should consider. It protects your brake pads from wearing out, helps you gain more control over your trailer, and ultimately reduces the risk of an accident. When choosing a brake controller for your RV, you need to consider intuitive control, clear readouts, and ease of installation.

Irrespective of the category of RV you use, either towables (towed behind your car, pickup, or van) or motorhomes, it is important you choose from the best types of brake controllers that will match your preference. If you’re an RV owner reading this article, the next question on your mind would be “what are the best types of brake controllers?” Well, below are three good options to pick from.


The syncronizer trailer brake and controller wing is a great option for all 12-volt negative ground vehicles. It provides both automatic and manual braking, has the exclusive Quik-Connect feature, as well as has built-in automatic current limiter protection from trailer brake wiring shorts.


The Engage digital time-based controller has a display that shows the current, percent of power, and voltage. The display allows you to select adjustable voltage and power ramp-up times. This option also has the Quik-Connect feature and is compatible with single to tri-axle vehicles.


The Endeavor digital proportional brake controller has the ability to sense deceleration which provides premium braking. This controller also has a digital display that allows you to select the percent of power, voltage, or current along with a microprocessor that saves your settings. Unlike the other brake controllers mentioned above, the Endeavor can handle up to four axles.

Now you don’t have to ask the question “what are the best types of brake controllers?” You can weigh your options among some of the best types of trailer brake controllers listed above from Hayes Towing Electronics and choose the model that fits your budget and preference. Hayes Towing Electronics Products are Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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