What Young RV Drivers Need to Know About Electronic Sway Control

As of 2021, a large majority of RV drivers are over the age of 55. Even so, the popularity of RVs for those between the ages of 21 and 35 years old has increased over the last two years, according to RV and Playa. In response to this trend, more and more young RV drivers are looking for information on electronic sway control.

Electronic sway control is a system that helps to stabilize an RV by automatically applying brakes to the wheels on one side of the vehicle if it detects that the RV is starting to veer off course. This can be extremely helpful in preventing accidents, particularly for inexperienced drivers who may not have the skills or experience necessary to correct a swaying RV on their own. Here are several benefits of using electronic sway control.

1. Improved Safety

As mentioned above, electronic sway control can help to prevent accidents by automatically correcting a swaying RV. Auto correcting is especially important for young or inexperienced drivers who may not be able to correct the problem on their own. Since the sway control makes corrections for you, you and your passengers will be safer on the road.

2. Increased Stability

Electronic sway control provides an extra level of stability for an RV. This extra stability makes it less likely for the RV to tip over or veer off course. With this extra stability, you’ll also be safer.

3. Easier Towing

Electronic sway control can make towing an RV much easier. Towing becomes easier with sway control since it takes some of the strain off of the driver by automatically correcting any problems that may arise. Imagine all the things you can tow now that any problems will be corrected automatically.

4. Ease of Install

Installing electronic sway control is relatively simple and can usually be done in just a few minutes. Most electronic sway control systems come with detailed instructions on how to install them, so be sure to read the instructions carefully before beginning. In general, you’ll need to mount the electronic sway control unit to the frame of your RV and connect it to the tow vehicle’s brakes. Once the system is installed, you will need to calibrate it to your specific RV and tow vehicle.

If you’re a new RV driver, you will certainly want to check out electronic sway control. Give us a call today at Hayes Towing Electronics to see how we can help you and your RV enjoy life even more.

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