Why Air Brake Controller Maintenance is Key to Your Safety

The NHTSA reports that there are more than 50,000 accidents yearly related to towing. Some of these accidents occur because of a poorly maintained air brake controller. The heat generated by your vehicle’s engine is converted into kinetic energy, which then makes the car move. However, when you want your car to stop, that same energy needs to be reversed. The kinetic energy moving your car must be converted to heat, which then brings the vehicle to a stop. This is where your air brake controller comes in. Your air brakes operate on compressed air, especially in a heavy vehicle. It is important to ensure that you maintain them often to ensure safe driving.

Low Risk of Brake Failure

Servicing your air brake controller is the most important step in airbrake maintenance. If your air brake controller is kept clean and in good shape, there will be fewer brake failures. You must also go the extra mile to make sure that the air compressor intake filters foreign material out of the lines.

To test whether your air brake controller is working, you can perform a simple operational test. This test can be performed on the road or at the brake shop. When doing an operational test, all you need to do is apply and release brakes while you observe if there is an equal application or binding linkage. You must also check if there is any sluggish engagement or release and exhaust of units.

You must also check the leakage of the entire system. To do this, you need to fully charge the air brake system and turn off the ignition. You must then check to see if the pressure will drop on the gauge installed on the vehicle’s dash.

Maintenance is Necessary for Optimum Performance

Air brake maintenance is an important factor in achieving optimum system performance. If you want to achieve maximum brake torque, your air brake controller should be maintained regularly. Failure to do so might result in a significant loss of brake torque. Air brake control maintenance also involves brake adjustment. Many air-braked vehicles on the road have brakes that are not properly adjusted. This means that all these vehicles will be operating at a reduced effectiveness level. If you want to improve truck safety, you must ensure that your air brake controller is maintained regularly.

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