Why Consider Upgrading to an Air Brake Controller?

Many people haul trailers but still don’t make the most of what air brakes offer. The addition or proper use of an air brake controller can make it much easier, safer, and more efficient to haul relatively heavy loads. Here are some of the significant advantages that you get when upgrading to an air brake controller.

Spread Out the Towing Load

It’s important to ensure the towing burden is spread out as evenly as possible among the front and rear axles of your towing vehicle while braking. According to RV Life, if your trailer weighs more than half the weight of the towing vehicle, the rear axle of that towing vehicle will bear the burden of most of that weight instead of spreading it among the front and rear axles. Using an air brake controller can help equalize the load between the two axles on the towing vehicle and the axle on the trailer.

Protect Your Brakes while Towing

The additional weight of a trailer and its payload puts a big strain on the brakes of your tow vehicle and the trailer. The brakes often wear out prematurely without an air brake controller that can help equalize the braking power. Some systems use proportional brake controllers with accelerometers that monitor speed and apply equal braking force to both axles on your truck and the axle on the trailer. When the braking load is equalized, the brakes last longer and you get more control of braking under all towing conditions.

Make Towing Less Stressful

Towing heavy loads can be very stressful, which you likely already know. Installing a controller for the air brakes helps to make towing less stressful by giving you more control over your vehicle’s brakes and those on the trailer. Most states require a sufficient braking system to help prevent jackknifing and a loss of control while towing any trailer that weighs more than 3,000 pounds. A controller for air brakes enables you to more precisely control the tow and ease the stress that you otherwise would feel. Less stressful driving makes it easier to pay attention to the road while worrying less about the trailer and load that you are hauling.

You can call or visit us to learn more about the benefits of an air brake controller for your tow vehicle and trailer. We help make towing safer while reducing the wear and tear on your vehicle and the trailer.

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