Trailer Brake Wiring System: 3 Things Every Towing Enthusiast Should Know

To ensure maximum towing safety when on the road, your trailer brake system must be working perfectly. This means that your trailer brake wiring system must be expertly connected to function optimally. Today, most vehicles designated for towing come with a ready-to-use wiring system for trailer brakes. This makes it easy for you because all [...]

Tips to Enhance Your Towing Safety

The NHTSA says that there are more than 50,000 accidents every year on North American roads related to towing. As an RV enthusiast, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re safe when towing on the road. One of the most effective ways to enhance your towing safety is by installing electronic brake controllers. Let’s look [...]

4 Common Problems in a Trailer Brake Wiring System

Avid RV campers are likely to own a towable trailer or a motorhome. Research shows more than 11% of U.S. households with 35-45-year-olds have an RV, which is more than the ownership rates for 55+ year-olds. The majority prefer towable RVs to motorhomes as they are more affordable and allow users to use the towing [...]

Understanding the Importance of the Controlling Trailer Sway

For anyone who has hauled a trailer, trailer sway is inevitable. Trailer sway incidents that happen among noncommercial drivers often go unnoticed. If you are a trailer owner who hauls cargo, mobile homes, or supplies for recreational travel, you want stability for transport. Trailer sway devices are manufactured as either a device that prevents sway [...]

5 Features to Look for with the Best Brake Controller

Electric brake controllers are crucial safety components for vehicles. A 35 mph crosswind can apply about 3,440 pounds of force on a trailer’s side. There are several types of electronic brake controllers available online. How can you choose the right one for your needs? Here are five features to look for when looking for the [...]

How to Set Up and Use the Best Brake Controllers

Trailer brake controllers increase towing safety by facilitating even braking between a towing truck and the trailer. When you install brake controllers, you’ll avoid common trailer accidents that are caused by insufficient braking power. To get the best out of your trailer, you must install the best brake controllers. However, even the best trailer brake [...]

4 Tips to Increase Your Towing Safety

With the NHTSA reporting over 50,000 towing accidents annually, increasing towing safety should be a top priority for all RVers. Whether you’re towing on the highway or in the city, these tips will help you increase your towing safety. 1. Don’t Exceed Your Towing Capacity Towing capacity varies from truck to truck. The current towing [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Trailer Air Brake Controllers

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are over 50,000 accidents on U.S. roads every year that are related to towing. If all RV enthusiasts installed a trailer brake controller in their towing truck, most of these accidents would be prevented. If you’re among the 30 million Americans who love to tow trailers, [...]

All You Need to Know About Brake Controllers

When it comes to towing a trailer, two things are overly important. You need a towing vehicle with enough towing power and efficient trailer brake controllers for towing safety. They're the reasons why most of the 30 million RV enthusiasts and RV renters in America invest in the best brake controller to enhance towing safety. [...]

Are You Camping During Winter? Here’s How to Keep the System for Trailer Brakes Working

While most RV campers pack their trailers and head south during the winter season, avid campers stick around to enjoy the sparkling snow, quiet campgrounds, and the peaceful woods. Winter RV camping provides a break from the scorching summer season and is an affordable way of exploring different camping parks. With more than 16,000 public [...]

The Difference Between an Air Brake Controller and Electric Brake Controller

When hauling a trailer one of the most important things to think about is safety. Trailer sway can cause damage to whatever is being hauled and cause accidents. There is also significantly more weight for your car or truck to be hauling, which can lead to its own difficulties. Because of all this, there is [...]

How Multi Axle Brake Controllers Help You Haul Trailers

There are two different styles of RVs. The first is a towable RV, which is hauled behind a car or truck. The second is a motorized RV, which is one you would drive yourself. When towing your RV, you will need to account for several safety precautions, as it is not easy to drive while [...]