What Are the Best Brake Controllers for Trailers and RVs?

When it comes to the question of what are the best type of brake controllers for trailers and RVs, there are several factors that one should look at. There are more than 11% of households in the United States headed by 35- to 54-year-olds—that own an RV. This percentage exceeds the 9.3% of those that are aged 5 5 and older. With so many individuals who own RVs, an effective brake controller is crucial. Let’s examine what your brake controller system should have as you seek to answer the question what are the best type of brake controllers for RVs.

Brake Controller with Harness

For an answer to the question what are the best type of brake controllers for an RV, the answer may lie in a brake controller kit with a brake controller wiring harness. This duo would be ideal to get your RV up and running. The brake controller kit is suitable for trailers that have up to four axles. The kit is also ideal for both electric and trailers that have an electric over hydraulic brake set up. The system is also very customizable; so, the braking will be perfect for your RV.

Brake Controller with Time Delay

When searching for an answer to the question what are the best type of brake controllers for trailers and RVs, you may consider one with time delay. Brake controllers with time delay will activate the trailer’s braking system while offering a rate of application with predetermined power output.

A Brake Controller with A Signal Alert

Within your quest to find an answer to what are the best type of brake controllers for trailers and RVs, you may entertain one that has a signal alert. The brake controller equipped with this kind of alert allows for safer braking. Fitted with a manual emergency braking control, you’ll be able to apply full power during those emergency stop instances.
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A Look At Trailer Brake Controller Solutions

Hauling a trailer puts an incredible amount of stress on the braking system of the vehicle. Whether transporting cars, a boat, industrial freight, or any other type of cargo, it is imperative to have a brake controller to make sure that the trailer braking system will function. Here are a few things to consider when looking around at the best trailer brake controller solutions.

Correcting Trailer Sway

Trailer sway is a significant and dangerous part of hauling a trailer. Some of the reasons that trailer sway will occur include the wind, oversteering, and speeding. Basically, there are two types of devices that help correct trailer sway. One of them is designed to stop trailer sway before it starts. The other one attempts to work after trailer sway has happened by reducing its severity. Trailer sway can be effectively handled after looking at the trailer brake controller solutions that are available.

East To Install

One of the most critical things to think about when looking at the best break trailer controller solutions is if it is easy to install. Electric brake controllers, on the whole, are not extremely complicated, so they are mostly pretty simple to install. If it is to be mounted on the dash permanently, there may be some drilling needed to run aground wire. The remaining wiring would be done for lighting power that goes to the trailer, including for the brake lights. Under the dash of many of the newest trucks, there is a plug-in for an outlet designed specifically to be used to hook up a brake controller. This will work as long as the plugin is compatible with your controller.

Adjustable Mounting

In addition to installing the preferred and best brake controllers correctly, they must also be positioned with comfort in mind. Most of the time, only one hand is available to operate the brake controller, so it must be oriented so that it is on the opposite side of the driving (dominant) hand of the driver. Accessibility, right side, or left side are all factors that could make a huge safety difference. This is especially true in an emergency situation when attempting to make an awkward turn.

Types of Trailer Brakes

Make sure to understand the braking system you will be operating. Trailer brakes come in two different modes. A hydraulic braking system, also known as surge brakes, functions without a brake controller. Electronic brake controllers are more common. The controller in the truck sends a signal to the trailer, which makes the electric brakes in the trailer work. Without the controller, the brakes will not operate.

Consider an Adjustable Controller

Driving conditions vary, and the weight of the trailer is not always going to be the same. With this in mind, an adjustable brake controller might be a wise investment. Depending on your driving habits, depending on weather conditions, depending on the road conditions–with all these factors, an adjustable brake controller gives you more control. You as the driver will be in charge of how quickly the trailer brakes activate when you press on the brake pedal.

Finding appropriate trailer brake controller solutions is another step to help ensure safety on the highway. When traveling, it is always advisable to make sure all equipment has been checked and systems are in great working order. Another safety feature to think about would be having a trailer breakaway kit. Using this kit is an emergency situation that no one wants to be in, but it is wise to be prepared for any eventuality. Peace of mind will lead to miles of happy travels.

Hayes Towing Electronics Products are Proudly Made in the U.S.A.